The Creative Education Trust is a non-profit educational charity recognised by the Department for Education as one of the leading multi-academy chains. The CET schools network currently consists of several secondary and primary academies across the Midlands and East Norfolk. We are in the forefront nationally of improvement in academic standards, in curricular innovation and staff development. We plan to expand the number of academies in the network to around twenty over the next two years. This scale will allow our schools to collaborate even more effectively and to work together to develop imaginative new ways of delivering education, whilst preserving the ‘bespoke’ approach that we currently offer.

Creative Education Trust can be contacted at: Sicilian House, London WC1A 2QR and through telephone 020 73785760. The following link also contains further information around governance, schemes of delegation and accounts. Creative Education Trust

School Governors
As an academy we have a AIB (Academy Improvement Board) made up of Directors of the Trust and members of the local community.

They meet on a regular basis to ensure that:

  • The Academy acts in accordance with its ethos, values and goals;
  • All decisions made are in the best interests of the Academy and its students;
  • Leaders in the Academy are held to account for their decisions and actions;
  • Academy funds are appropriately spent, with a clear and transparent audit trail.

All our Governors are appointed by the Creative Education Trust. There are no Governing Body Committees.

The current academy governors are:

Current academy governors
Mr Gwayne WebbChair of Governors
Mrs Jo SnellingHeadteacher
Dr Jason HowardAcademy Improvement Board Member
Mrs Emma PrestonAcademy Improvement Board Member
Mrs Heather O’DriscollAcademy Improvement Board Member
Mrs Alison BoastClerk to Governors