Curriculum – Knowledge Organisers

To help support children’s learning, we have created documents called ‘Knowledge Organisers’ for every subject. A Knowledge Organiser is a summary of the key facts that children learn in each year group at Wroughton Academies. They include important vocabulary, diagrams and information about each topic taught.

We share these documents with children to help them remember all the information they include. Parents are also sent a copy so that they can support their child’s learning at home.

We share new knowledge organisers at the beginning of every term. If you would like more information about what your child is learning in school, please speak to their class teacher.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

We ensure national curriculum coverage of science and foundation subjects through a thematic curriculum based on the IPC. Children typically follow these topics for half a term, and we also focus on the knowledge required at each phase of education.

The IPC is an international primary curriculum for children aged 5 to 11 years old. It is used in over 90 countries worldwide and has a clear process of learning and a specific learning goal for every learning subject. It also provides exciting, engaging and globally relevant thematic units of work. In addition to the national curriculum, it also includes a focus on society, international studies and personal learning goals.

For further information regarding our curriculum, please click on the links below.