At Wroughton, we understand that our parents and carers want the best for their children and for them to get on well in life. We know that having a good education is important to ensure that children have the best opportunities in their adult life. They only get one chance at school, and children’s futures may be affected by not attending school or alternative provision regularly.

If children do not attend school regularly they may:

  • Struggle to keep up with school work. In a busy school day it is difficult for schools to find the extra time to help a child catch up.
  • Miss out on the social side of school life. Poor attendance can affect children’s ability to make and keep friendships; a vital part of growing up.

What does your child’s percentage attendance mean?

As a school our target attendance percentage is 96%.

Attendance PercentageDays missed over    a school yearSessions missedWeeks missed
100%0 Days missed 0 sessions0 weeks
95%9.5 Days missed19 sessions1.5 weeks
90%19 Days missed38 sessions3 weeks
85%28.5 Days missed57 sessions4.5 weeks
80%38 Days missed76 sessions6 weeks or ½ a term

School Punctuality

Punctuality is vital because arriving late at school can be disruptive for children, their teacher and the other children in the class.

If a child if late in to school by 5 minutes each day, that adds up to 3 days of missed school in a year! Please speak to us about any support you might need to help your child arrive at school on time.

Minutes lost each dayDays lost per school year
5 minutes3 days
10 minutes6 days
15 minutes10 days
20 minutes12 days
30 minutes18 days