Art and design

Throughout their time at Wroughton, children will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully think, work and communicate like an artist. Our art curriculum is organised into blocks, with each block covering a particular set of artistic disciplines, including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, 3D and collage. Skills are revisited and honed across the different years through increasing degrees of challenge and complexity. Children will have an awareness of a broad range of artists and be able to consider and discuss the artworks they come across. They will have opportunities to take inspiration from these key artists and create their own artworks in their particular styles.

We follow the ‘CUSP’ Curriculum for Science, History, Geography, Art & Design and Design & Technology.

The CUSP Curriculum is:

  • ‘Connected’
  • ‘Cumulative’
  • ‘Coherent’

CUSP is underpinned by evidence, research and cognitive science. Modules are deliberately sequenced for robust progression and allows teachers to focus on the lesson.

There is an emphasis on oracy and vocabulary acquisition, retention and use to break down learning barriers and accelerate progress. A rich diet of language and vocabulary is deliberately planned for.

Specific skills are discreetly taught and practised so that they become transferrable. The sequenced modules activate prior learning, build on skills and deepen knowledge AND understanding. Learning, vocabulary and content is cumulative; content is learned, retrieved and built upon.